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Client:Quality of Execution, Inc.
Execution Quality Summary
Data is real-time and does not account for unknown data at time of analysis.
ie. If a valid trigger price is unavailable at time of analysis, the NBBO price is used instead.

[No Graphic Available] Exceptions | Summary | 11Ac1-5 MCHP
Microchip Technology, Inc.
Order Information
Executed Shares:1,000
Cancelled Orders:1
Cancelled Shares:500
Price Improvement Information
Trigger Improvement:15.0000
NBBO Improvement:18.0000
VWAP Improvement:0.4791
Realized Spread Improvement:-30.0000
Average Information
Avg. Order Size: [ market rank ]500.00
Avg. Execution Size:250.00
Avg. Cancellation Size:500.00
Avg. Effective Spread:-0.0100
Avg. Effective Trigger Spread:-0.0075
Timing and Value
Total Value:29,500.00
Avg. Execution Time:46.25 seconds
Share Weighted Average Time:36.70 seconds
Correction Information
Executions Corrected:0
Shares Corrected:0
Adjusted Corrected Value:0.00
Liquidity Information
Liquidity Enhanced Executions:0
Percentage Liquidity Enhanced:0.0%
Total Liquidity Enhanced Shares:0
Order Types
Buy Orders:1
Sell Orders:2
Short Orders:0
Market Orders:0
Limit Orders:3
Limit Order Breakdown
Inside the Quote:0
At the Quote:3
Near the Quote:0
Outside the Quote:0
Size Bucket Breakdown
0 to 499 shares:0
500 to 1999 shares:3
2000 to 4999 shares:0
5000 to 9,999 shares0
10,000+ shares:0 | Trade Sentry Execution Quality Summary 6/9/2004 (0:02) |