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Quality of Execution makes analysis of the publicly available SEC 11Ac1-5 data clear and simple. We offer you the opportunity to present the data in ways that are significant to you.

Our "Contrast and Compare" tool provides important answers for marketing and regulatory purposes. For special, analytical jobs, our development staff can assist you in preparing suitable presentations.

Contrast and Compare: SEC 11Ac1-5 Market Ranking Tool

By selecting measures of particular interest, you can find how one market center compares in relation to any sub-set of other market centers.

The publicly available SEC 11Ac1-5 data is segregated according to order size, order type, average execution time, price improvement, and other measures.

When we aggregate data into the various groups and sub groups, we weigh each variable by the number of shares executed. These share weighted values are more significant than simple averages would be.


Use Our Market Ranking Tool

Flexible and allows you to better understand the industry as a whole.
Use our SEC 11Ac1-5 Market Ranking Tool to contrast and compare Market Centers yourself!

Display an Individual Market Center's 11Ac1-5

11Ac1-5 disclosure report provides detailed information on selected Market Centers:



Compare and Contrast:

  • Security Grouping
  • Individual Securities
  • A self-composed list of securities
  • NASDAQ 100
  • 10 Most Active NASDAQ
  • All Listed
  • 10 Most Active Listed
  • S&P 100
  • Other groupings prepared for you by request

Group Market Centers:

  • By number of orders
  • By number of shares executed
  • By average execution time
  • By any self-selected ranking

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