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Trade Senty Exception Documentor
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BranchIDOrderIDStatusTimestampType of ExceptionCompliance OfficerExtra NotesCreatedModifiedModifyDelete
ARB96Responded11:32 on 11/14/2002Cancellation ExceptionAlejandro HeyworthNormal Cancel. 12:19 on 11/14/200210:10 on 11/17/2002
ARB119Responded12:28 on 11/14/2002Price ExceptionKeithCorrection due. 12:35 on 11/14/200213:28 on 11/14/2002
ARB127Responded12:42 on 11/14/2002Missed Trade ExceptionKeithCommented on slow report. 12:46 on 11/14/200212:47 on 11/14/2002
ARB133Responded12:48 on 11/14/2002Missed Trade ExceptionPaul ChenWaiting on execution. 12:50 on 11/14/200212:50 on 11/14/2002
ARB132Responded12:48 on 11/14/2002Price Exceptionpaulexecutions followed the market16:26 on 11/14/2002
ARB141Responded12:53 on 11/14/2002Missed Trade ExceptionPaul ChenShould improve by 2 cents.13:04 on 11/14/200213:29 on 11/14/2002
ARB190Responded15:04 on 11/14/2002Price Exceptionalejandro heyworthI wanted to test out the trun...15:05 on 11/14/200212:12 on 11/27/2002
ARB153Responded14:56 on 11/15/2002Cancellation Exceptionalejandro heyworthI am entering a note on 11/15...15:05 on 11/15/200214:10 on 3/12/2003
ARB166Responded15:01 on 11/15/2002Missed Trade ExceptionKeithImproved16:12 on 11/15/2002
ARB151Responded12:31 on 11/25/2002Non-Display ExceptionkeithPending reply. 18:33 on 11/25/200217:54 on 5/6/2003
ARB89Open10:31 on 11/27/2002Price ExceptionAlejandro HeyworthWaiting on response...10:32 on 11/27/2002
ARB239Open14:16 on 12/18/2002Non-Display ExceptionAlejandro HeyworthThis is just a test!14:20 on 12/18/200214:21 on 12/18/2002
ARB35Responded10:27 on 2/21/2003Price ExceptionKeithWill file12:51 on 2/28/2003
ARB28Responded9:37 on 3/4/2003Price Exceptiontom16:35 on 3/4/200316:35 on 3/4/2003
ARB101Responded12:23 on 3/11/2003Missed Trade ExceptionPaulMarket Locked. 14:08 on 3/12/200312:34 on 3/17/2003
ARB10Open9:46 on 3/12/2003Price ExceptionThis is a test9:59 on 3/12/2003
ARB17Open9:51 on 3/12/2003Missed Trade ExceptionkeithThey agreed. 10:02 on 3/12/200314:11 on 3/12/2003
ARB27Responded10:01 on 3/12/2003Missed Trade ExceptionKeithChris will call. 10:04 on 3/12/2003
ARB74Responded12:21 on 3/12/2003Missed Trade ExceptionKeithFrequent in this stock. 17:13 on 3/12/2003
ARB133Responded12:21 on 3/17/2003Missed Trade ExceptionAlejandroFred at OTC will advise. 12:33 on 3/17/200311:41 on 12/11/2003
ARB15Responded10:45 on 5/21/2004No Exceptionkeith14:16 on 5/21/200416:21 on 5/21/2004 | Trade Sentry Exception Documentor 6/9/2004 (0:34) |