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Non-Display ExceptionLink to Memo
Order was not entirely displayed by PERT within the allowable 30 second window
This is Non-Display exception #1 for this order

Branch Seq. Num Action Qty Symbol Price TIF Time
ARB 92 Buy 1000 CATS 7.160 DAY Tue Jun 08 11:18:38 2004

Bid - Ask Agg. Volume Count Bid Tick Time
Entry (ARCX) 7.160 - 7.200 (NITE) 2300 x 600 3 x 2 - 11:18:38Link to Time and Sales
At/Within Spread (ARCX) 7.160 - 7.200 (NITE) 2300 x 600 3 x 2 - 11:18:38Link to Time and Sales

Entry Time:11:18:38
Order first At or Within spread at:11:18:38
Non-Display Window Start Time:11:18:38
Non-Display Exception Time:11:19:08
info@qualityofexecution.com | Exception prepared by AHROM Exception Viewer b125 on Wed Jun 09 00:40:36 2004 | www.qualityofexecution.com