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Order Information
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Order Side
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Exception Information
Missed Trade Exception
Non-Display Exception
Order Restrictions
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Unexecuted Shares
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Order Entry Classification
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Avg. Effective Spread
Avg. NBBO effective spread
Total Trigger Improvement
Number of Improvements
Number of Disimprovement
Total NBBO Improvement
Number of Improvements
Number of Disimprovement
Total VWAP Improvement
Number of Improvements
Number of Disimprovement
Number of Liquidity Enhanced Execs
Total Liquity Enhancement Shares
Number of Execs w/ Lost Liquidityee
Total Shares w/ Lost Liquidity
Execution Information
Execution Number
Per Share Trigger Improvement
Per Share NBBO Improvement
Per Share VWAP Improvement
Time since Entry in seconds
Time since First Execution in seconds
Execution Quantity
Executing Market
Liquidity Enhancement
Effective Spread
NBBO Effective Spread
Cancellation Restrictions
Duration in seconds
Unexecuted Shares
Number of executions before cancellation
Cancellation Confirmation Time