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Assure your "regular and rigorous" review of execution quality today!

Whether you choose to receive our real-time reports or choose the next day option, the steps for setting up your service are the same.

1 - Obtain subscription agreement/order form

  • Subscription Agreement Form - 88k
  • Subscription Form - 92k
2 - Inform your data providers Let your executing firms know they should contact our technical department to arrange for data transmission.

3 -Make appropriate changes to your firm's supervisory procedures

  • Supervisory Amendment Document - 21k
  • 11Ac1-5 Definitions Document - 74k

4 - Follow up 

  • We will manage the project for you, making sure that all parties proceed in a timely fashion. The regulators won't wait!

5 - Review initial Trade Sentry reports and settings

  • Are the right people on the email distribution lists?
  • Do your personnel understand how to take advantage of the Trade Sentry reports?
  • Call your representative to discuss ways to make the system fit your needs.

6 - Apply the information we are giving you and improve your "Quality of Execution"

  • Begin your process of regular and rigorous review.
  • Understand how your performance numbers fit in with others in the industry.
  • Understand trading, marketing, and compliance ramifications.
  • Ask us about helping prepare more of the reports you need.

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